jim kiritsis

Hi, I am Jim Kiritsis, a software engineer with an eye for detail.

Born,raised and working in Greece, but constantly travelling around the world seeking for the image that will please the greed, of my eyes.

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Self portrait in my house,

h u m a n

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Close up of my friend Patrick's eye,

s p a c e

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Orthodox church,

l i f e

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Youngsters clubbing till morning,

a c h r o m a t i c

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Muay thai fighters clinch,
Ag.Stefanos,Greece 2010

b i o

I am working since 2005 on large scale, enterprise applications projects both in banking and unified communications industry.
Expert in Java, J2EE and MVC pattern based frameworks.In my parrallel time i enjoy making sites with CSS3,HTML5 and javascript frameworks like AngularJS.
In my spare time i am practicing Muay Thai and to be honest i like sparring a lot.
Photography? Yes, i enjoy that too ;)

mail to  kiritsis.di@gmail.com

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Photo info:
Self portrait in a hotel room,